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Spring has sprung, along with the first delectable flowers of the season. As proud Canadian bees, we are getting busy with the job at wing: gathering nectar and pollinating plant species. But for years now, our frenzied dance has brought us into contact with the poisons that you humans use to coat your seeds or spray your fields. The name of this poison is neonicotinoids, but...
Actualité - 18 May 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Neonicotinoid, Pesticides
A recent review of the “Monsanto Papers” initiated by Équiterre and conducted by health and environmental protection groups reveals that research manipulated by Monsanto in order to downplay the cancer risk of its controversial pesticide glyphosate was used in the re-evaluation of glyphosate in 2017 in Canada, leading to the decision to extend its registration for...
Actualité - 9 November 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, glyphosate, Pesticides
Glyphosate: Monsanto manipulated science Équiterre calls for withdrawal of glyphosate’s approval in Canada and an independent review
Communiqué - 8 November 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, glyphosate, Pesticides
Carbon pricing is an essential step in the fight against climate change; it reduces pollution and spurs economic innovation.   With the recent announcement by the federal government, carbon pricing will be applied in all the provinces that do not already have a system in place. Here’s a Q&A to help you understand the importance of carbon pricing in the...
Actualité - 1 November 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Carbon tax, Climate change, Greenhouse gases
The Centre for Sustainable Development, Équiterre and the Association Québécoise zéro déchet invite you on November 1, 2018 at 5 pm to the kickoff event for Montreal’s Festival Zéro Déchet. The theme of the event is “Répare tes trucs” – fix your things instead of replacing them. During the event, you will have the chance to meet people who are...
Executive Director, Sidney Ribaux, becomes the environmental organization’s official spokesperson, announces a reorganization of upper management  (Press release issued on October 12, 2018)
Actualité - 12 October 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Steven Guilbeault
Executive Director, Sidney Ribaux, becomes the environmental organization’s official spokesperson, announces a reorganization of upper management  
Communiqué - 11 October 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Équiterre
During this provincial election campaign, environmental groups and citizens have worked together to make the environment a central issue.
Actualité - 27 September 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, elections, Engaged citizenry
As one of the hottest summers on record winds down and with significant climate pessimism in the air, citizens from around the world gathered at the Global Climate Action Summit this week to state that no, we cannot and will not give up on the fight against climate change.
Actualité - 13 September 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Climate change, Fight against climate change
School transport 101 In Quebec, 8,000 school buses take about 500,000 children to school and home again every day. These children spend on average 180 hours on buses during the school year. By the time they finish high school, they will have spent over 2,000 hours on buses.
Actualité - 30 August 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Clean transportation, electric bus, Electric vehicles