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Spring has sprung, along with the first delectable flowers of the season. As proud Canadian bees, we are getting busy with the job at wing: gathering nectar and pollinating plant species. But for years now, our frenzied dance has brought us into contact with the poisons that you humans use to coat your seeds or spray your fields. The name of this poison is neonicotinoids, but...
Actualité - 18 May 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Neonicotinoid, Pesticides
Environmental groups, beekeepers give Canada’s pesticide regulator a failing grade on neonics Groups declare today’s risk assessment incomplete and out-of-step with leading jurisdictions, call on government to proceed with proposed ban without further delay  
Communiqué - 11 April 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, public intervention
Eliminating fossil-fuel subsidies in Canada Little progress, according to the new report from the Office of the Auditor General  Équiterre demands swift and concrete action
Communiqué - 2 April 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Grant
Though our planet should be celebrated and respected 365 days a year, Earth Week (from April 22 to 27) is an important opportunity to express our concern and love for the planet.
Actualité - 1 April 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Earth Day
All members of Équiterre are invited to Équiterre’s Annual General Meetings on Tuesday, April 23 in Quebec City and on Thursday, April 25 in Montreal at the Centre of Sustainable Development. In this year of youth climate action, we hope to have good representation from our new generation of environmentalists.
Actualité - 1 April 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Member meetup
Montreal, Monday, March 25, 2019 – Did you know that if we increased soil carbon stocks by a mere 0.4% per year, it would halt the annual increase of CO2 in the atmosphere? This proposal, made at the COP 21, would address soil health and fertility and represent a viable, promising solution in the fight against climate change.
Communiqué - 25 March 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Sustainable agriculture
Budget 2019 Reaffirms Canada’s Commitment to Remove Subsidies to Oil & Gas, Yet Offers New Handouts to the Sector As IPCC clock counts down, propping up fossils increasingly risky and irresponsible, say environmental groups
Communiqué - 19 March 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Federal budget
White rice or brown rice? Chicken or tempeh? Organic or local? Vegetarian or vegan? Habits change, and questions like these, which hardly ever used to come up, are now guiding our food choices. 2019 science cannot be more clear: healthy eating for humans is also healthy for the planet.
Actualité - 15 March 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, healthy eating
Let’s surround the National Assembly on Earth Day to send a strong message: Let’s stop going around in circles NOW! Members of the Collective* launch a call to action to young people
Communiqué - 12 March 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Earth Day