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Marie-Élise Samson, an agronomist by training, is this year’s winner of the Laure Waridel bursary. She is working with world leaders to determine the best agricultural practices to be used to store carbon in agricultural soils and thus combat climate change. Check out her very first blog post and her page on Équiterre's website.
Actualité - 14 September 2018 - Tag : Climate change, Laure Waridel bursary, Organization, soils
Équiterre’s annual report highlights the work that was done throughout the year in defence of the environment and our well-being.
Actualité - 20 June 2018 - Tag : Annual Report, Organization
Équiterre has published a brand-new report entitled: “Oil Pipeline Safety Failures in Canada: incidents, accidents and spills and the ongoing failure to protect the public”.
Actualité - 13 June 2018 - Tag : Organization, Pipelines
Embrace the spring by running for a good cause! Whether you enjoy running, care about the environment, want to take part in a springtime activity that brings people together or would like to organize a team-building activity with your coworkers—the Change the World Run is not to be missed!
Actualité - 16 April 2018 - Tag : Changing the world run, Organization
We’re still recharging our batteries after the harsh winter, so this month Équiterre is encouraging you to do one simple thing: use your citizen power and take part in the democratic life of Équiterre! Strengthen your commitment to the environment in this election year by giving greater political weight to your ideals in two easy steps:
Actualité - 29 March 2018 - Tag : elections, Member meetup, Organization
Équiterre is Quebec’s most important and influential environmental organization. With 130,000 followers, 20,000 members, 200 volunteers and a staff of 40, the non-profit presently has offices in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa. The dedication and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers make Équiterre a pleasant and stimulating workplace, which encourages autonomy,...
Emploi Stage Bénévolat Appel - 27 February 2018 - Tag : Organization, Job Offer
There’s much more to the My Charged Up School project than the contest. It also provides access to new interactive learning materials that relate to expectations outlined in the Ministry of Education’s programs. The activities, developed by the Fondation Monique-Fitz-Back, teach elementary and high school students about transportation electrification and...
Imagine, if you will: right in the midst of the NAFTA negotiations, Canada and Mexico decide to bypass the White House and work directly with 15 American states to forge ahead in the fight against climate change. Well, that’s precisely what officials in several of these states, including Oregon, California and Washington, announced yesterday in Bonn. And to add insult to...
Actualité - 14 November 2017 - Tag : Climate change, COP23, Organization
  Équiterre and its partners are offering you a unique opportunity to approach the topic of transportation electrification in your school!
Équiterre is actively engaged in the effort to raise public awareness of the benefits of transportation electrification and, especially, to demystify electric vehicles. Équiterre’s Electrifying Encounters campaign has allowed thousands of Quebecers in all regions of the province to experience electric vehicles through educational activities and test drives. take part in...
Solution - 31 August 2017 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Electrifying encounters, Organization