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This summer, a unique and ambitious event will be held for the first time in Montreal, and Équiterre will be participating enthusiastically! August 9–14, downtown will be transformed to welcome the World Social Forum and thousands of participants from around the world. Here’s an overview of some of the activities Équiterre and its partners are organizing as part of...
Actualité - 31 July 2016 - Tag : Organization, Peoples Social Forum
Canadian Groups Call on Federal Government to Reject Pipelines, As New U.S.-Led Campaign Calls for National Tar Sands Dilbit Tanker Ban
Communiqué - 26 July 2016 - Tag : Energy East, Organization
“Sharing research that grows organic” is the theme of the Second Canadian Organic Science Conference. On the program: two days of conference presentations (in English) and a field day of visits to Quebec organic farms. World renowned international and Canadian scientists will present their research in all aspects of organic agriculture, including crop and...
Événement - 13 July 2016 - Tag : Organization, Public Lectures, Speakers
Hardly the ideal companion! Atrazine is a pesticide that has been banned in the European Union for over a decade but is still widely used in Canada, particularly in cornfields. This dangerous pesticide is being reassessed by the federal government, and officials are currently recommending reapproval.  
Actualité - 13 July 2016 - Tag : atrazine, Organization
On Sunday, July 3, hundreds of committed people took part in the first Change the World with Équiterre run on Mount Royal. This entirely environmentally responsible event took place in the glorious sunshine and participants raising funds for the environment collected $25,000. It was smiles all round at the event, which included a yoga/stretch session, scenic routes and...
Actualité - 13 July 2016 - Tag : Changing the world run, Organization
Fiona Mille came to us from Science Po Toulouse, and plans to pursue a master’s in environmental politics. An ecology enthusiast, she has been working for Jeunes Écologistes—a network of young people, aged 15 to 30, that promotes political ecology in a humorous way—for five years.
Actualité - 13 July 2016 - Tag : Organization, Volunteers
Ah, summer’s here! And you don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to discover hidden gems and have an amazing experience. Here are some of the Équiterre team’s favourite places in Quebec to escape with family, friends or alone. Time to get outside!  
Actualité - 13 July 2016 - Tag : Ecotourism, Organization
In December 2015, more than 190 nations adopted the Paris Agreement — an international agreement committing countries to significant reductions in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to limit global warming to less than 2˚C and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5˚C above preindustrial levels. Canada, for its part, has committed to ratifying the Agreement in the fall...
Actualité - 12 July 2016 - Tag : Climate, Organization
The Équiterre citizens’ movement continues to grow, and we are very proud to have passed the milestone of 18,000 members! To each and every one of you who, like us, believes that there are solutions and that it is possible to change the world one step at a time, 18,000 THANKS for giving us the means to act!
Actualité - 29 June 2016 - Tag : Équiterre, Organization
A first in Quebec! In light of the international electric vehicle symposium - EVS29, Equiterre invites you to come experience this electrifying event taking place in Downtown Montreal, on June 19th.
Actualité - 15 June 2016 - Tag : Electrification of transportation, Organization