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Building on last fall’s success, Équiterre’s online auction is back for a second year to raise funds for various projects. You’ll find a wide variety of classic, practical, original and innovative goods that are in line with Équiterre’s mission. And who knows? You may even find the perfect summer vacation!
Actualité - 15 May 2015 - Tag : Auction, Encan en ligne, Getting involved, Organisme
Laurence Plourde Dinelle first came across Équiterre while working in restaurants, when she discovered local farmers who were supplying fresh organic produce. However, her philanthropic management studies actually brought her to us. Interested in event organization, Laurence volunteered at the cocktail fundraiser in fall 2014. She didn’t see herself as an activist, but...
Actualité - 14 May 2015 - Tag : Getting involved, Organisme, Volunteer
Have you heard of American senator Joseph McCarthy? He was the one who chaired a senatorial inquiry to find, track down and expose communist activists and supporters in the U.S.A. in the early fifties. The inquiry soon turned into a witch hunt, with sights set on progressives, homosexuals, socialists and anyone else considered to be “anti-American.” And now the...
Actualité - 26 February 2015 - Tag : Bill C-51, Gouvernement Harper, Joseph McCarthy, Organisme, Public interventions