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Équiterre would like to pay tribute to all those who work behind the scenes and thank them for their involvement by posting their profiles. Volunteers, interns, friends and partners : their commitment is invaluable and so much appreciated! “I’m part of the next generation of workers, and I will not let my kids grow up in a polluted world. I want to change the world...
Actualité - 14 December 2016 - Tag : Organization, Volunteering, Volunteers
The festive season is about sharing and helping each other. So why not step outside your usual circle this year, reach out to others and give your time to people in need?     Here’s how you can do it: Distribution of hot drinks and treats to homeless people
During volunteer week, which runs from April 10 to 16, we would like to acknowledge the remarkable commitment of our many volunteers, who are helping to build Équiterre’s grassroots movement by encouraging citizens, organizations and governments to make ecological and equitable choices, in a spirit of solidarity. Without their invaluable help and outstanding dedication,...
Actualité - 15 April 2016 - Tag : National Volunteer Week (NVW), Organization, Volunteering, Volunteers
Two years ago, out of a desire to give back to the community, Mélanie filled out a volunteer application on our website. "It was my dad who first told me about Equiterre. I thought it sounded like a good cause," she says one noonhour over a picnic lunch outside the Centre for Sustainable Development (better known by its official name, the Maison du développement...
Actualité - 1 August 2012 - Tag : Changing the world, Give time, One step at a time, Volunteering
Once a year, Montrealers gather for the Corvée du Mont-Royal clean-up, which has enabled 11,800 people do something meaningful for their mountain since 1990. The first Sunday each May, people help: plant native trees and shrubs remove invasive exotic plants pick up litter from the forest floor assess success of previous years' plantings Volunteers needed!
Événement - 10 April 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Engaged citizenry, Miscellaneous, Volunteering
Each member of our diverse team focuses their individual expertise on one common goal: a society that is sustainable and fair.  Our staff of about 40 is helped by many interns and volunteers who share our convictions and for whom we are infinitely grateful. Our workplace supports individual development and reflects the values we promote throughout Quebec.  Changing...
Divers - 10 June 2011 - Tag : Employees, Interns, Organization, Volunteering
Are you passionate about social and environmental responsibility? Would you like to help Equiterre promote the cause? Perhaps you even have an idea for a new project. Here's how to get involved! You can become a volunteer, join an action group, or organize your own fundraiser. 
The most important part of Equiterre's mission is to get citizens involved, especially as members or volunteers. In 2004, some of our members met up in Trois-Rivières to discuss concrete ways they could help the environment and promote social justice. The result was the Mauricie action group, the first Equiterre group of its kind, which has since been joined by action groups...
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