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Winter basket

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Soup and comfort food season is upon us! Squash, leaks, cabbage, beets… Équiterre’s family farmers’ organic baskets continue to deliver local organic vegetables into the fall, throughout the winter and right through spring for some farmers.
  Équiterre’s family farmer network is the only one that offers local organic winter veggie baskets certified by Québec Vrai or Ecocert Canada. Sign up for an organic basket by October 23, 2017, for a chance to win a 20% discount on your subscription.
Fiche informative - 28 September 2017 - Tag : Family farmers network, Winter basket
The season is still going for some of our farmers, who store part of the summer and autumn harvests for winter baskets. More subscriptions are available this year, thanks to Bio Locaux, a new collective project run by the family farmers’ network. Our farmers are offering over 3,000 subscriptions this winter.
Sad that summer basket season is almost over? Don't despair. Sign up for your winter basket today.
Did you love getting a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables this summer? Or are you just hearing about our family farmer program for the first time? Either way, we have good news: another delivery season is about to begin! In fact, 96 drop-off points will be open this winter for residents across Quebec and in the Ottawa area.  What kind of vegetables can you expect to...
Through Équiterre’s network of family farmers, you can receive organic baskets of fresh, locally grown produce delivered each week near your home or workplace. The network has been growing steadily since 1995 and now has more than 120 human-scale farms that feed over 60,000 Quebecers each year.     Find out why you should sign up for organic baskets from...