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Climate change: Quebec and Ontario to cooperate on energy

Quebec and Ontario have made a deal to share electricity and to cooperate on climate change, notably, in regards to TransCanada's proposed Energy East pipeline.

This unprecedented agreement will allow each province to:

  • share surplus energy with the other during their respective peak periods
  • reduce the climate-change impact of thermal-energy imports from the United States.

A report published by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) and Equiterre this June showed that Ontario could save millions of dollars a year by buying electricity from Quebec

The two provinces have also agreed to cooperate on their approach towards the proposed Energy East pipeline, which would pass through both of their territories. Both provinces have imposed the same conditions on the project. 

The two have also agreed to:

  • strengthen the green economy via the carbon market and various energy efficiency measures
  • make the public more aware of climate change
  • harmonize the way provinces collect and transmit data on greenhouse gas emissions.