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Equiterre and partners found atrazine in our drinking water and urge the federal government to ban the use of this harmful pesticide

Actu - Atrazine eau potable EN

Drinking water testing found levels of atrazine in Montreal and Toronto’s public distribution systems.

Atrazine - a harmful pesticide linked to hormone disruption in humans, fish and frogs -was found in concentrations above the European safety level, which underlines the need for the federal government to ban its use, even though it was below the less cautious Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. This widespread contamination and mounting evidence demonstrating the environmental and potential human health impacts of atrazine justifies a ban in Canada. 

“It is alarming that Canadians are being exposed to levels of atrazine considered dangerous by other countries. The European Union banned atrazine 13 years ago. Why can’t Health Canada offer similar protections to Canadians?” said Sidney Ribaux, Executive Director at Équiterre. 

See the full press release and please sign and share the petition to ban as soon as possible this harmful pesticide in Canada

Important note: We understand citizens' fears about tap water in their city, but we should not opt for bottled water (which probably contains pesticides and other contaminants because pesticides are everywhere: in surface waters, in groundwater and even in Arctic waters and ice). The solution is to ban the most dangerous pesticides such as atrazine, by requiring bodies whose role is to protect our health and our environment to take their responsibilities. Signing our petition is a way to put pressure on those governing bodies.

We have the power to act and Health Canada has the responsibility to adopt the same precautionary principle as Europe for its citizens, which banned atrazine 13 years ago.