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Kyoto pull-out – Wait, is that even legal?

If you were discouraged by December's news that Canada would be withdrawing from Kyoto, there is new hope in the form of a Federal Court challenge – led by former MP Daniel Turp, now a law professor at the Université de Montréal – contesting the legality of the decision.

Handling the case for Turp's group is constitutional expert Julius Grey, who will argue that, by bypassing Parliament, the government broke the law. By rights, it should have introduced a bill to abolish the 2007 Act that implemented the Protocol.

As a result, the government may have violated:

  • the rule of law
  • the separation of powers
  • democratic principles

You're invited to "sign" the Kyoto Protocol on Daniel Turp's website. To date, nearly 4000 Quebecers have taken advantage of this symbolic gesture!