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Last year's bursary winner needs your ideas

Actu - Marie-Eve Arbour boursière Laure Waridel crédit Alexandre Cv

It has now been a year since Marie-Eve Arbour, winner of the 2010 Laure Waridel bursday, and partner Simon Côté, left Montreal in a veggie-oil-powered pickup, looking for citizen-led environmental initiatives to add to their online directory: Now they turn to you. Do you have a suggestion of a project that should be added to their directory?

Ideas could include:

  • straw-bale houses 
  • food co-ops
  • community gardens
  • etc.

Marie-Eve explains in her own words:

"We visited 50 projects in all, each one as unique as the next. They had to relate to one of three themes:

  • food autonomy
  • socially and environmentally responsible housing
  • citizen participation

For each project, we posted a description and a video to the website.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed us and who took the time to tell us about their project so that others could be inspired. 

After the tour, which lasted four months, we took a few months to set ourselves up in the countryside, find work and immerse ourselves in the community.

We are now ready to continue the work of gathering information on citizen-led environmental initiatives.  

If you know someone who would like to see their project listed in our directory, alongside similar initiatives, tell them to contact us! 

In solidarity,

Marie-Eve and Simon"

Photo: Alexandre Cv