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Recipe for a great summer

What you want: a healthy summer.

What you don't want: to get holier-than-thou about it.

One solution? Just keep it simple.

Biking with the kids...

Organic food on the BBQ...

Drinks with a local twist (see recipe below)!

The BBQ is your friend

Impress your guests with organic meat. Brochettes made from organic pork and veggies. A char-grilled organic steak with a salad of local greens. Honey-glazed guinea fowl. Whatever you serve, simply fill half of your plate with delicious, locally grown organic vegetables from an organic basket from one of the family farmers in our community supported agriculture (CSA) network.

Your bike to the rescue

Do your children play soccer or some other team sport? Reconsider whether you still need that winter carpool. If the facility is nearby, consider biking there instead.

Breathe easy with a pesticide-free lawn

A lawn or garden without pesticides is the perfect accessory for your next backyard bash. Long gone are the days where homeowners were expected to wage war on weeds with potentially toxic pesticides, the harmful effects of which can be particularly severe for children. Protect yourself and your guests by getting your organic on!

About that summer outfit

It’s natural to freshen up your wardrobe for the summer season. But you’ll feel better about it if you choose carefully. Many designers now offer environmentally friendly textile options. If you don’t see such options in the stores, ask for them.

A toast… to you

If you do plan to imbibe, why not opt for fair trade or local beverages?

  • Fair trade wine
  • Cocktails made from fair trade or local spirits
  • Local ice wines, ciders or beers

RECIPE FOR Rosemary-infused maple lime cocktail

Ingredients for rosemary-infused maple syrup

½ cup maple syrup
1 sprig rosemary

Ingredients for cocktail

60 ml of rosemary-infused maple syrup
60 ml of vodka (look for a local brand)
120 ml of sparkling water
juice of one lime
ice cubes

Ingredients for garnish

2 slices of lime
2 sprigs of rosemary

To prepare the rosemary-infused maple syrup:

Bring maple syrup to a boil in a small saucepan. Add the rosemary, remove from heat and let steep for about 10 minutes.

Pour the syrup into a glass container. Insert the rosemary sprig. Store in refrigerator.

To prepare the cocktail:

Pour rosemary-infused maple syrup, vodka and lime juice into a shaker containing ice bues. Shake well.

Pour into two cocktail glasses and add sparkling water.

Garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of rosemary.

Cheers! And have a great summer.