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Running Electric!


Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, with more than 43,000 on the roads in Québec. Équiterre encourages active and public transportation and advocates for the electrification of transportation. Its Running Electric campaign, supported by Transition énergétique Québec, seeks to demystify the benefits of owning an electric vehicle, with a number of practical tools.

The Running Electric campaign, supported by Transition énergétique Québec and coordinated by Équiterre, will run until 2021. For information about all the benefits of electric vehicles in Québec in one place:


When considering purchasing an electric vehicle or replacing your gas-powered vehicle with an electric one, it is important to first analyze your mobility needs. For those who live in an urban setting, owning a car may not actually be necessary, as there are many other options for getting around. And even for those who live outside major city centres, it’s important to reflect on the question before you make a purchase decision. Have a look at the decision-making process of this suburban family (family of Catherine Pepin, host of ICI Musique).

Find out which type of electric vehicle is best suited to your needs.


If you’ve decided to purchase or lease of a vehicle, there are many benefits of going electric.

From a cost standpoint, with government subsidies that can currently reach $13,000, certain electric vehicles are for the first time available for less than their gasoline-powered equivalents. Rebates are also available to help finance the purchase and installation of charging stations for homes, workplaces and multiple-unit apartment buildings. Find out more about the cost of electric vehicles.

From an environmental standpoint, it is undeniable that here in Quebec, where we have abundant hydroelectricity, an electric vehicle far surpasses a gasoline-powered vehicle over its lifecycle.

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