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Seduce an environmentalist in 12 easy steps

Geste - 12 conseils pour séduire un écolo

So you've fallen in love with a card-carrying environmentalist. They bike, metro or carpool to work. They buy fair-trade everything. They eat locally grown, organic food. They know when such-and-such a vegetable is in season. Now you have just one problem. You're not sure how to celebrate Valentine's Day. You want to show your beloved how much they mean to you, without succumbing to rampant consumerism. Our advice? Draw on your honey's passion for the environment. Use it as the basis to create an unforgettable day. 

  1. You'd like to give your sweetheart flowers? A great idea, provided that you ask your florist questions first. Are their flowers certified by an eco-label? If not, where were they grown? Under what conditions? If the answers are disappointing, don't despair. Take the opportunity to ask your florist to consider carrying more fair trade or environmentally friendly products. Your favourite environmentalist will be thrilled to see you launch a mini-campaign in their honour.
  2. Make sure that your candles are non-toxic and don't contain ingredients derived from petroleum. Soy candles are a good environmentally friendly option to create a romantic mood for Valentine's Day. Soy candles also emit less soot than conventional candles. Your sweetheart will be impressed by your attention to detail. 
  3. If you really want to score points with your environmentalist, use fair trade candles
  4. Surprising your sweetie with a night in a swanky hotel? Look for an eco-friendly accommodation (Green Key, RéserVert, etc.). To get there, use public transit, taxi or a carshare service (an electric car, if possible – electric cars make environmentalists go weak in the knees). 
  5. Staying in? Clean the house using homemade products scented with the most romantic aromatic oils. For bonus points, consider finishing up one those home-improvement projects that you started when you first moved in together. A surefire way to win over the live-in love of anyone's life!
  6. The object of your affection is an advocate of responsible consumption, so keep it simple, and instead of pouring money into an expensive gift, re-enact your first date. What were you wearing? What did you say to one another? And, most importantly, how did it make you feel? 
  7. If you are in Montreal and planning a restaurant or catered meal, consult the Tourism Montreal green restaurant directory and Épluche ta ville, a website that features some local chefs that care about the environment and health as much as your sweetie does. If you order a coffee after the meal, insist on fair trade coffee. If it's a latte, ask the barista to draw a heart in the foam for your one and only. 
  8. As a gift, give an outing or an activity: a cooking class for couples, a partner yoga workshop, a tasting of organic or local wine, or an organic facial at a spa. You'd rather give jewellery? Look for ethical jewellery (fair trade gold; vintage jewellery, in its original form or repurposed; responsibly sourced products).
  9. For lingerie, whether you are wearing it or giving it as a gift, think ethical (organic cotton, fair trade cotton, bamboo, etc.). Sustainable clothing is sexy.
  10. If you wear makeup, non-toxic products will make your kisses sweeter. When in doubt, make your own cosmetics at home. 
  11. Wearing a scent, or giving it as a gift? Do some research before buying perfume or cologne. Is there an ethical option? Some manufacturers have programs, for example, that support organic agriculture in developing countries, that your environmentalist might be happy to support.  
  12. If you are decorating, skip the dollar store and use what you have to make your own decorations. Your creations can double as souvenirs afterwards – souvenirs of the best Valentine's Day you ever had. A lasting gift for you, and your favourite environmentalist.

Happy Valentine's Day to all our favourite environmentalists! We love you and your commitment to our shared cause.