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The future of agriculture: the consumer has a role to play, sure, but it's up to the government to lead the way

Quebecers have been waiting since 2008's Provonost report for the agri-food policy green paper, which was finally tabled yesterday.

Although the paper does make some encouraging proposals, including:

  • cross-compliance, i.e., attachment of environmental conditions to government support policies
  • developing Quebec's environmental and agricultural assets

it disappoints in other respects.

In particular, Equiterre objects to the importance given to the role of the consumer in shaping the future of agriculture. We believe the government must take the leadership role for the shift to sustainable agriculture to succeed. 

The future agricultural policy must be built on the principle of food sovereignty, which means:

  • viewing food first and foremost as a source of nutrition for our own population
  • ensuring that natural resources are being protected when the land is being worked
  • promoting an agricultural system that is fair and just to all.