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Victory! Nova Scotia to ban high-volume hydraulic fracking

Actu-Gaz de schiste

The government of Nova Scotia announced on September 3 that it will introduce new legislation this fall temporarily prohibiting high-volume hydraulic fracking for onshore shale gas. The decision came a week after an independent review panel recommended further research on the impacts of this industry on human health, the environment and the economy. 

The government also took into consideration the many reservations expressed by Nova Scotians and First Nations peoples. The bill will give the Members of the Legislative Assembly an opportunity to discuss energy issues. 

Quebecers may remember that their province's environmental assessment agency, the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement, more commonly known as the BAPE, held consultations this spring on issues surrounding shale gas exploration and development in the St. Lawrence River valley, at which point Equiterre filed a brief asking Quebec to ban exploration and exploitation of unconventional oil in the province. No action has been taken since.

This announcement by Nova Scotia shows that our voices can have a real impact on our elected officials. So continue to speak up!