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30 August 2017
The National Energy Board (NEB) has announced that it will, for the first time, review upstream and downstream GHG emissions from the Energy East pipeline project. According to Équiterre Senior Director Steven Guilbeault, who is closely following the oil and gas infrastructure project approval...
14 August 2017
Time and time again, oil and gas pipeline projects are given the green light, even though Canada has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Do you know why? Part of the blame lies with the National Energy Board (NEB), which is responsible for reviewing energy projects in Canada. When the NEB...
10 August 2017
On Sunday, July 24, La JoualVert Farm opened its doors to other Équiterre family farmers and about 30 people hoping to become one. Owners Andrès Rousseau and Stéphanie Leclerc explained the process of starting an organic farm and their bio-intensive approach. The visitors were also shown the wide...
7 August 2017
This article is retrieved from the Ecohome: Resources for Sustainable Housing website, precisely the Green Home Guide (a step-by-step guide to sustainable and healthy housing whether you are building, renovating or maintaining a home). The see the original article. --------------------------------
1 August 2017
A text by Ann Petersen-Anderson, Edith Smeesters and Merryl Hammond*. While Québec is currently proposing to modify and improve the Québec Pesticide Code, a pioneer in the battle against pesticides has died, Dr. June Irwin.   Who was Dr. June Irwin? Dr. June Irwin died at the age of 83 on...
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