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13 March 2012
"The current government wants to position Canada as an 'Energy Superpower' which means rapidly extracting and exporting some of the most carbon intensive oil in the world...."
Actu - Vigile sables bitumineux Londres
1 March 2012
A gang of environmentalists gathered on an outdoor Montreal rink on February 16 for a friendly hockey match. The goal: to raise awareness about the threat climate change poses to this winter sport. Each player wore the number one to mark the fact that Canada is the only country to have withdrawn...
Actu - Sauvons hockey 2012
29 February 2012
Last week in the Métro newspaper, environmentalist Steven Guilbeault reported on three pieces of good news in the fight against the tar sands.
13 February 2012
You want to eat more locally grown, organic food, but find shopping for groceries difficult enough to fit into your schedule as is... Did you know that you can arrange to have a farmer's basket full of healthy, locally grown vegetables delivered directly to your workplace once a week? Find out how...
Actu - Fermier et tomates, politique agricole
13 February 2012
A new Leger Marketing poll confirms that there is widespread support in Quebec for the fight against climate change. Eighty percent of respondents want their province to be a North American – or even world – climate leader.  As for how to achieve this goal, respondents indicated...
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