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17 October 2018
FINALLY, Health Canada has recognized that neonics pose significant harm to our environment and to numerous species... but is proposing to wait another 3-5 years to ban them in Canada ! This delay is unacceptable.
12 October 2018
Executive Director, Sidney Ribaux, becomes the environmental organization’s official spokesperson, announces a reorganization of upper management  (Press release issued on October 12, 2018)
28 September 2018
Équiterre is proud to promote Farm to School Month, a pan-Canadian event organized by the Farm to Cafeteria Canada movement.
Actu- mois de la ferme à l'école 2018_en
28 September 2018
During this provincial election campaign, environmental groups and citizens have worked together to make the environment a central issue.
14 September 2018
As one of the hottest summers on record winds down and with significant climate pessimism in the air, citizens from around the world gathered at the Global Climate Action Summit this week to state that no, we cannot and will not give up on the fight against climate change.
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