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9 January 2012
On Friday, four determined young men started their 6962-m assent of Mount Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. This is the 5th expedition for the Marathon vertical project, which involves climbing the highest mountains on seven continents to raise money for the environment. All proceeds...
Actu - Marathon vertical 2012
8 January 2012
Thank you to the Fondation des jeunes pour l'environnement, which raised more than $6,500 for Equiterre during the Défilons vert event. For this ethical fashion show, the foundation had VSTE Entertainment present the latest creations from 28 Quebec designers who work in a...
Actu - Mode écolo
21 December 2011
The fresh sting of the Kyoto pull-out. Disappointment in Durban. Traffic jams in Montreal. What do these issues have in common? They got you talking. It’s your interest that fuels the fight against climate change. Every year at this time we look back at the big climate change stories of the...
Actu - Garçon estomaqué
19 December 2011
Quebec continues to outshine Ottawa in the fight against climate change with its announcement that its new cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will come into effect in January 2012.
Actu - Marché carbone
12 December 2011
Durban, the longest conference in the history of UN climate summits, has failed to result in an agreement that would limit the average global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius. Instead, it will permit an alarming rise of 4 degrees – moving us firmly into dangerous climate change...
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