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5 July 2011
In Quebec, summertime is moving time. Especially the month of July! We all know that moving can be expensive and time consuming: packing, cleaning, decorating, etc. But did you know that it can be bad for the environment? Here are some tips to reduce the environmental impact of your next move. 
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21 June 2011
Who needs a paper phone book in the age of the Internet? Since 2009, Yellow Pages has allowed households to opt out of receiving the print directory – just one of the exciting initiatives that has enabled them to cut paper consumption for the directory by 25% in two years.
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21 June 2011
Congratulations to Alexandra Semard of Gatineau, grand prize winner of our family farmer contest. She wins:
21 June 2011
Do you sometimes eat organic, sometimes not? Although it's better to eat conventionally grown fruit and vegetables than no fruit and vegetables at all, there are still some choices that you can make to limit your exposure to toxic pesticide residue.  To help shoppers prioritize when to buy...
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13 June 2011
The call for a moratorium on shale gas development in Quebec will reach new heights on June 18.  Equiterre will join thousands of citizens from across the province – environmental coalitions, citizens' groups, political leaders, etc. – for a protest march in downtown Montreal. We...
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