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26 October 2011
If you live in Quebec, chances are that you have been asked to sign a petition in recent history.
25 October 2011
The hearings on Quebec's green paper for an agri-food policy that were supposed to take place this fall have been postponed once again. They have been rescheduled for January 2012, which means that there is no chance of any legislation being drafted before the spring. This is just one more delay in...
Actu - Souveraineté alimentaire
25 October 2011
To mark the 15th anniversary of our family farmer program, we have published a book, L'agriculture soutenue par la communauté (Community supported agriculture). Readers will learn about the different aspects of CSA, including:
24 October 2011
Equiterre helped the Yellow Pages Group update its EcoGuide. The new version, which is more user friendly, contains information on:
18 October 2011
Quebec-based entomologist Madeleine Chagnon, together with her UQAM colleagues, has shown that bees are adversely affected by the chemicals used in seed coating, particularly neonicotinoid insecticides. While this result has been demonstrated elsewhere in the world in laboratory conditions, over...
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