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23 November 2011
Is Christmas a holiday that you celebrate, but with a feeling of deep reservation, even guilt, at the consumer excess and waste? Don't feel bad.  There's hope. You can give the season new meaning by choosing new traditions that reflect your true values. Here are some ideas to get you...
Geste - Noël écolo coloré
22 November 2011
Verdun is one of the first-ever winners of a new Montreal traffic calming contest. What is the borough's secret?
22 November 2011
A new guide from a centre for research on responsible consumption at the Université de Sherbrooke shows that ethical fashion is alive and well in Quebec. According to the centre, 17% of Quebecers report having bought fair trade cotton clothing in 2010. And nearly 12% of...
Actu - Coton équitable
22 November 2011
The AMT, the public transit planning body for the Montreal region, released an exciting plan last week that aims to increase ridership by one-third by 2020 and to make public transit a more attractive option than single-occupant car use. It also proposes extending the AMT's territory to serve more...
Actu - AMT wagon
22 November 2011
Since winning one year of clean transportation in our 2010 Transportation Cocktail contest,* Marie-Ève Noreau has had even more motivation than ever to leave her car in the garage. She has had a whole range of free transportation choices to choose from, including a car-share membership, public...
Actu - Gagnante SSCT 2010
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