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1 November 2016
Here is a summary of what’s happened. Good news #1: Ratification of the Paris Agreement On October 5th 2016, the threshold required for the coming into force of the Paris climate agreement was reached. Of the original 191 signatories to the Paris Agreement, there are currently 86 countries...
Actu - billet Annie bonnes nouvelles climat (Accord Paris)
1 November 2016
Some 300 guests—business and sustainable development leaders, MNAs and engaged citizens—attended Équiterre’s ninth Montreal Benefit Cocktail on October 26. The turnout for the Quebec City Benefit Cocktail on September 27 was equally impressive. Thanks to their support, Équiterre...
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1 November 2016
Since 2008, the Laure Waridel Bursary has been awarded annually to a student involved in a research, action and dissemination project focusing on environmental or social action. Each year, Équiterre gives $5,000, which is matched by Desjardins Caisse d’économie solidaire. Priority is given to...
Actu - Bourse Laure Waridel 2013 : Nouveaux critères en octobre
31 October 2016
By Kim Perrotta and Granger Avery Special to The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Oct. 28, 2016 8:09PM EDT Kim Perrotta is executive director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and Dr. Granger Avery is president, Canadian Medical Association (CMA).
18 October 2016
Did you know that atrazine, a harmful pesticide that has been banned throughout the European Union for over a decade, is still widely used in Canada? The horror story has lasted too long! 
Actu atrazine horror EN
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