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15 October 2015
In four days, we’ll have the chance to do something that could really make a difference to our planet. To help you make your choice, Équiterre and Environmental Defence have compared the main parties’ environmental commitments. Take a look at our analysis of the main federal parties...
Actu - Élections 2015 : outil pour voter EN
15 October 2015
There are just five days left to sign the Save OUR Route Verte petition, launched last August by Équiterre in partnership with Vélo Québec. Route verte : a JewEl Of Tourism AND AN ESSENTIAL ECONOMIC DEVELoPMENT TOOL for OUR REGIONS This bikeway, which now passes through nearly 400 municipalities,...
Actu - Fin pétition Route verte EN
15 October 2015
Want to attend the first-ever national school food conference? Hurry, there are still some places left! Please register before November 6th.
13 October 2015
Significant annual savings Using the transportation cocktail every day has many advantages. It’s easy on the environment and easy on your wallet and your family’s, too. According to the CAA, driving alone to get around (20,000 km/year) costs nearly $10,000 a year. This includes...
13 October 2015
Équiterre is proud to be part of the Front commun pour la transition énergétique [united front for energy transition], officially launched last Tuesday in Montreal. This historic alliance brings together more than 160 citizen, environmental and Native groups from across the province.
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