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30 April 2015
The Équiterre member meetup took place this week. The highlight of the year for the 12,000 Équiterre members was an opportunity to report on activities undertaken, elect three new members to the board and discuss the action plan for next year. The year 2015 will be another year marked by climate...
Actu - Bilan Rendez-vous des membres 2015
30 April 2015
Consumers are increasingly mindful of what they eat, often for health reasons. When it comes to health, organic food often springs to mind. And rightfully so!
Actu - Go organic
30 April 2015
This spring, travellers and visitors to Montréal-Trudeau airport will discover family farmers! As of May 2015, the airport will be adorned with a series of large photos—some of our farmers and some capturing moments in their everyday lives. The exhibition will raise public awareness about not...
Actu - Expo photo RFF aéroport
30 April 2015
Every year, May is Fair Trade Month. Before 2015, only the first two weeks of the month were dedicated to fair trade. From now on, the festivities will continue throughout the month. Fair Trade Fortnight has become Fair Trade Month and the work of thousands of producers in the South will be...
Actu mois équitable 2015
30 April 2015
Drop by Équiterre’s offices on a Thursday morning and you’re sure to bump into Denise. She’s well into her sixties and always scouring the Web for the latest environmental news. Denise has been a press review volunteer for not one, not two, not three, but eight years! “Doing...
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