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31 March 2016
Spring is officially here! It’s that time of year when we open the windows to bring in fresh air and get the urge to declutter our homes. Full of good intentions, we set about sorting, throwing out or giving away often useless, broken or unused bits and pieces that are cluttering the house. A...
Actu - Ménage printemps
15 March 2016
Équiterre is launching a petition to ban atrazine, a synthetic herbicide banned in Europe over a decade ago, but still used and approved in Canada despite its many harmful effects on living organisms and the environment.
15 March 2016
We would like to thank all members and supporters who responded to our survey in such large numbers in early January. Some 5,342 people completed the online questionnaire! This representative sample will give us a better understanding of Équiterre supporters and guide our future actions. An...
14 March 2016
Équiterre is proud to be one of the four finalists in the Alimentation [food] category at the 2016 Les Vivats contest for our annual Benefit Cocktail. Some 82 applications were submitted for the 5th contest, which is intended to recognize sustainable practices in Quebec.
Actu -  Finaliste Prix Vivats cocktail bénéfice EN
1 March 2016
On February 18, Équiterre, the Quebec Environmental Law Centre (CQDE), Coule pas chez nous foundation and Nature Québec filed a motion with the Superior Court in Montreal for a declaratory judgment against TransCanada to subject the Energy East pipeline project to the procedure...
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