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15 February 2016
Équiterre will be participating, once again, in Montreal’s Nuit Blanche on Saturday, February 27. Visit the Centre for Sustainable Development and plunge into a red-hot atmosphere reflecting the impact of climate change. There’ll be a one-of-a-kind, really fun photo booth featuring...
15 February 2016
For the second year in a row, Équiterre presented awards at the family farmers network annual meeting on February 2 in Sainte-Rosalie.
14 February 2016
Property and casualty insurance is essential for a viable economy. Without coverage, companies and individuals could risk losing their assets if a loss occurs. And, because of its local, social and environmental economic weight, the property and casualty insurance industry plays a key role in...
Actu - blogue Desjardins
1 February 2016
Since many of you are shopping around for a little trip down south for the spring break or the next vacation, Équiterre’s action of the month is to reduce your environmental footprint—even if you go for one of the famous all-inclusive packages.
Actu - Voyage Sud EN
1 February 2016
Very few people have had the opportunity to see from this close the unimaginable scale of the Alberta’s tar sands - the world’s third largest oil reserve and it’s largest energy project - like the artist Garth Lenz did from the air to realize his photo exhibit “The True...
Actu - Conférence Garth Lenz EN
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