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26 February 2014
In our blog, columnist Hugo Séguin writes, "The possibility that there might be commercially viable oil reserves on Anticosti Island in the St. Lawrence Gulf has people dreaming. To hear what some politicians have to say, our economy depends on it. But we don’t know how much oil there is...
26 February 2014
You have a little land. You'd like to grow some organic veggies, maybe even sell them. Here's a book for you!
Actu - Family farmer Jean-Martin Fortier talks to Global TV about his new book
26 February 2014
Warning: Reading these environmentally friendly tips and “life hacks” may inspire you to get started on your spring cleaning early this year. So don’t read this unless you are willing to spend your next day off with gloves on and a mop in hand. Still there? Then let's get...
Actu - Green spring-cleaning tips for March
13 February 2014
As part of its Les Ateliers de l'économie verte series, SWITCH, an alliance for a green economy in Quebec, and partners are hosting a noon-hour conference by Michel Di Capua, Head of North America Analysis for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a global leader of information and research in clean energy...
Actu - Midi-conférence avec M. Michel Di Capua, Directeur Amérique du Nord de Bloomberg – New Energy Finance
12 February 2014
Within a few weeks, the National Energy Board will come out for or against the Line 9B Reversal. If the project is approved, tar sands crude could soon flow through Quebec.
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