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14 May 2014
Josée Gauthier, advisor for Equiterre's family farmer network, explains that her family farmer helped her discover a greater variety of vegetables. "Maybe you're like how I used to be. You tend to buy the same things from the grocery store. You tend to always cook using the same recipes. I've...
Actu - Les fermiers de famille, gardiens de la biodiversité
14 May 2014
Sidney Ribaux, executive director, Equiterre, writes, "On March 26, 1964, a father decided with his sons to found a company that would profoundly change a community. They had been in the business of sorting waste to recover paper, glass and metal that could be sold, sometimes to as far away as...
30 April 2014
Want to do your part for the environment? Do like residents in Gatineau, Quebec City, Montreal... Let a family farmer adopt you. How? By signing up for an organic basket! Being adopted by a family farmer means:
Geste - Les fermiers de famille d'Équiterre veulent vous adopter
15 April 2014
Would you like to enjoy fresh organic produce, support the local economy, and strengthen your connection with rural Quebec?
Actu - Let a family farmer adopt you
15 April 2014
We are able to do so much for the environment in large part thanks to the volunteers who support us. Equiterre was founded by volunteers in 1993, and has depended on volunteers for their enthusiasm and generosity ever since. We'd like take this opportunity to say thank you to our volunteers....
Actu - L'implication bénévole au coeur des actions d'Équiterre.jpg
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