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9 October 2013
Meet Renée Primeau. She studied theatre before discovering farming – and a whole new way of life. “I went back to school to study environmental science. I took agriculture courses (soil science, plant science) in the bachelor of science program in agricultural and environmental studies...
Actu - Cultiver en équipe
9 October 2013
You may have heard that Quebec is replacing its Public Transit Policy with a new Sustainable Mobility Policy. Groups across the province made suggestions for the plan during public consultations earlier this year. Here is what we had to say. Quebec needs:
9 October 2013
Quebecers love to dine out. But is it still possible to eat local when eating out? According to this Épluche ta ville mini web doc, yes.
8 October 2013
Last week, Equiterre hosted a conference by Joanne Bays, National Manager of Farm to Cafeteria Canada, a network that aims to bring healthy, local and sustainably produced foods into public agencies. She spoke about what British Columbia has done to bring more local food into its public...
Actu - Des succès inspirants pour le Québec
2 October 2013
Our Épluche ta ville team invites you to one last gourmet cooking demo and tasting event at Montreal's Jean-Talon Market this Saturday, October 5.
Actu - Cet été, Épluchez la ville avec nous!
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