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13 February 2017
To support the largest scientific literature review ever conducted by a group of independent scientists on neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics), harmul notably to bees and could be for humans too, in 2015 we sent over 37,000 letters to the Quebec government and 90,000 to the federal government...
1 February 2017
For months Équiterre has been calling on the federal government, which is considering the reregistration of atrazine, to ban this dangerous pesticide that has already been banned in Europe for over a decade, but is still used in Canada.
31 January 2017
Did you know that Canada gives $3.3 billion in subsidies to oil and gas companies every year—and taxpayers are footing the bill? That’s enough to pay for:
31 January 2017
The new year is well under way, but you can still make resolutions and do something meaningful for yourself and the environment. Équiterre encourages you to unplug, literally and figuratively. We don’t want to downplay the importance or advantages of electronic devices, and we’re...
30 January 2017
The federal decision to declare triclosan toxic, but not to match the U.S. ban, could make Canada a potential dumping ground and leave Canadians exposed to the endocrine-disrupting chemical. The federal government plans to add triclosan to the list of toxic substances under Canadian law, but...
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