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15 April 2015
We are always interested in hearing from our supporters, so we wanted to know how satisfied subscribers are and why they sign up for organic baskets. Last winter we sent a survey to the 12,000 subscribers and over 2,600 respondents expressed their appreciation! Their answers inspired us to...
15 April 2015
There’s been a whirlwind of activity on climate change issues in Quebec City the last few days. It all started with the Act on Climate March—one of the largest in Canada—which brought together over 25,000 happy, peaceful marchers, who wound up by forming a giant thermometer to...
Blog - Steven Guilbeault
15 April 2015
Volunteering is in our DNA. Committed, dedicated volunteers have always been involved in Équiterre projects, giving their time and helping us fulfill our mission. Few projects have not benefited from their invaluable support. What would we do without them? Interns, action group members and...
Actu - Semaine d'action bénévole
15 April 2015
Anna Kubin arrived in Quebec from Austria one chilly Friday in October 2013. The very same day, she was accepted for an internship with Équiterre. Three days later, Anna had joined the Collective Choices team, where she stayed a year and half.
Actu - Anna Kubin
14 April 2015
You can now submit workshops, posters, short talks/creative presentations, research and experience presentations for “Changing the menu”, the first-ever national school food. Application period ends on May 15, 2015. “Changing the menu” aims to advance activities to get...
Actu - Changing the menu - School Food Conference
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