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18 July 2013
The 60-year-old Portland-Montreal Pipe Line, a pipeline system running from Maine to Quebec, is a critical link in efforts to move tar sands oil to the East Coast. Energy companies are now pushing for this pipeline to be reversed to carry tar sands crude oil. Communities throughout Quebec and New...
3 July 2013
Bon vivants, rejoice. Living the good life just got easier. Summer berry season is here. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, yum! Eating local is always fun, but right now, it is even more fun than ever. We are especially lucky in Quebec. Did you know that this province is one of...
Geste - Croquez dans l'été avec les petits fruits d'ici
3 July 2013
This spring, to raise awareness about alternatives to pesticides, our ecological horticulture team asked people to send in their favourite dandelion photos. They received more than 500 submissions!
Actu - Gagnant concours pissenlits
3 July 2013
A new SOM survey commissioned by Equiterre indicates that two thirds (64%) of Quebecers would be in favour of an independent environmental assessment by the Quebec government to evaluate the risks of bringing tar sands crude to Quebec. This finding comes as Enbridge seeks permission from the...
3 July 2013
The 4th Annual Healing Walk near Fort McMurray, Alberta is a way to protect the climate from tar sands expansion. On July 5 and 6, Equiterre will be there as people come together from coast to coast to respectfully join representatives from First Nations and Métis communities in a different kind of...
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