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12 February 2014
In its new sustainable mobility plan released on Tuesday, Quebec announced plans to increase public transit service by 30 per cent by 2020. TRANSIT, Alliance pour le financement des transports collectifs au Québec, a coalition of fifty some organizations, including Equiterre, applauded this effort...
12 February 2014
How can you tell if a family is environmentally conscious? There are different signs that give such families away. For some, it is a penchant for biking. For others, it is a love of public transit.  Sometimes, you have to be in a family's kitchen to know. Is their fridge full of locally grown...
Actu - Introducing Annick Girard, our Environmentally Conscious Families blogger
11 February 2014
By writing this, I, Sidney Ribaux, may be breaking all kinds of new rules that the government would like to impose on Canadian charities, but let me make clear from the outset: No administrative or tax rule will ever prevent Equiterre from speaking publicly. As reported by CBC last Thursday, the...
Actu - Taxman targets Canada's environmental charities
11 February 2014
Last week, the Pembina Institute released a report on the climate impact of the proposed Energy East pipeline showing that this project would lead to a significant increase in Canada's greenhouse gas emissions.  According to the Pembina Institute, Energy East "could generate up to 32...
Actu - Rapport Pembina GES
5 February 2014
Environmental groups have forced Ottawa to review the approval of up to 383 pesticide products containing 23 active ingredients including many with links to cancer and water contamination.
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