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15 June 2016
A first in Quebec! In light of the international electric vehicle symposium - EVS29, Equiterre invites you to come experience this electrifying event taking place in Downtown Montreal, on June 19th.
15 June 2016
For the first time, The world social forum will take place in a Northern country, that is, in Montreal, where 50000 to 80000 people from all around the world will gather in the hopes of contributing to a global effort to build a more sustainable world, where each and every individual as well as...
Actu - FSM EN
1 June 2016
If you think the gas-powered lawn mower that only leaves your shed once a week during the summer isn’t a threat to air quality, think again. These machines emit significant amounts of polluting gases, including hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOC),...
Geste - Tondeuse essence EN
31 May 2016
Without money Équiterre wouldn’t be able to pay its dedicated employees and carry out projects and interventions that help build a more responsible, greener society. With almost half of our funding coming from donations and fundraising activities, we have a healthy independence that allows us...
31 May 2016
Following a legal challenge by Équiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation in 2013, the Federal Court has issued a ruling that will force the Canadian government to conduct a special review of any pesticide that European countries have banned for health or environmental reasons, including more than...
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