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10 June 2014
On Monday, June 2, the Obama administration made environmental headlines when it announced new standards to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.  Why coal? Probably because in spite of the increased use of natural gas over recent years, coal still provides about 40% of the...
Actu - Obama's war on coal a blow to Harper
9 June 2014
More than a hundred of you answered our call to put together a wish list in honour of UN World Environment Day on June 5.   So, what would you like to see? More encouragement for local organic agriculture. More green space in your cities. Leaders who incorporate environmental issues into their...
Actu - La liste de souhaits des Québécois pour la Journée mondiale de l'environnement
4 June 2014
Which acts more like a banana republic, Costa Rica or Quebec? Costa Rica, a tiny country with only 4.5 million inhabitants, made a choice in the 1980s to develop its tourism industry. It isn't particularly easy to get to, it doesn't have a lot of heritage sites, it's not known for its architecture...
4 June 2014
Equiterre has filed a brief with Quebec's environmental review agency calling, once again, for a moratorium on shale gas exploration and development in Quebec. 
4 June 2014
On Friday, May 30, Environment Minister David Heurtel and Natural Resources Minister Pierre Arcand launched a broad-based action plan for development in Quebec's oil and gas industry. The plan includes:
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