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19 June 2013
Rent space in our demonstration green building, the Centre for Sustainable Development (better known by its official name, Maison du développement durable). Conveniently located in the Quartier des spectacles (Montreal's entertainment district). Ideal for individuals or organizations with up to six...
Actu - Espaces de bureau à louer
19 June 2013
Drop by Montreal's Maison du développement durable to see Le Karité, l’or vert des Africaines, the latest photo exhibit by Éric Côté. Côté's photos feature women in Burkina Faso producing shea butter, which is also sometimes known as "women's gold." The "women's gold...
Actu - Expo-photo L'or vert des Africaines
5 June 2013
What you want: a healthy summer. What you don't want: to get holier-than-thou about it. One solution? Just keep it simple. Biking with the kids... Organic food on the BBQ... Drinks with a local twist (see recipe below)!
4 June 2013
Every morning at 5:30 Chef David arrives for work at the CPE Le Petit Réseau, a daycare on the second floor of the Maison du développement durable in Montreal. His job is to feed 77 preschoolers, but also to help them discover local and organic fruits and vegetables. CPE Le Petit Réseau has...
Actu - Même les tout-petits mangent des fruits et légumes locaux!
4 June 2013
Quebec adopted a food sovereignty policy this May. This is good news for all Quebecers. Here are some of the highlights that got us really excited here at Equiterre:
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