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29 November 2014
To celebrate the season, Montreal singer Ian Kelly has written a holiday tune on a social theme, that is available to you by donation. 
Actu - Ian Kelly donates a song to Equiterre
29 November 2014
The proposed extension of Highway 19 over a distance of 8 km, linking Highway 440 to Highway 640 between Laval and Bois-des-Filion, should be of concern to all Quebecers.  This project would require a colossal investment – of $500 to $600 million! – but only serve about 7000 people...
29 November 2014
TransCanada has every right to hire Edelman, so why expect us to believe that they hired the US communications firm, but did not implement any of their aggressive communications strategy, which includes launching a fake grassroots social-media movement in support of the proposed Energy East...
29 November 2014
Quebec and Ontario have made a deal to share electricity and to cooperate on climate change, notably, in regards to TransCanada's proposed Energy East pipeline. This unprecedented agreement will allow each province to:
15 November 2014
Last week, so many of you accepted the challenge to sign our "No to tar sands" petition that our server conked out. In spite of the technical problems, we were able to collect 10,000 new signatures in a matter of days. Incredible! Thank you for responding en masse to our call. You are...
Actu - "No to tar sands" petition: Server overload (credit: Radio Canada)
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