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30 June 2015
Summer is here at last and it's vacation time! You don't have to tour the amusement parks, break the bank or drive miles to have a good time! Why not rediscover your own region and refresh your approach? Why not keep it simple? Imagination is free and eco friendly! For an adventure-packed, eco-...
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29 June 2015
As well as having undeniable environmental benefits, electric vehicles (EVs) are more economical than gas-powered vehicles. You can save up to $1,500 a year on fuel alone. EV insurance and vehicle maintenance are also much cheaper. Not convinced? Check out this snapshot of potential savings. Want...
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15 June 2015
Organizations—including Équiterre—that are fighting against neonicotinoids (neonics), the most widely used class of insecticide in the world, are finally gaining ground and can count on our decision-makers to act on this public health and environmental issue.
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15 June 2015
Our all-new campaign busts the myths about electric vehicles (EVs) and is raising awareness about the benefits of transportation electrification.
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15 June 2015
Citizens are joining forces to make Montréal a fair-trade city! Montréal Ville Équitable is an action group working to promote the availability of fair-trade products while educating Montrealers about fair trade.
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