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1 May 2017
This article is retrieved from the Ecohome: Resources for Sustainable Housing website, precisely the Green Home Guide (a step-by-step guide to sustainable and healthy housing whether you are building, renovating or maintaining a home). The article was originally posted at this url: http://www....
1 May 2017
Discover 5 concrete actions you can take to help make the people around you aware of the positive impacts of opting for Fairtrade certified products.
1 May 2017
At the annual member meetups held this week in Quebec City and Montreal, Équiterre paid tribute to former senior director Isabelle St Germain and former board chair Clément Guimond by making them honorary members. Équiterre would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of these two...
1 May 2017
A blog article by Sidney Ribaux, director general and cofounder of Equiterre. When Enrique Peñalosa was mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, he said, “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.” Paris, London, Zurich,...
1 May 2017
Every year, May is dedicated to fair trade. Why have a fair trade month? To highlight the initiatives and measures put in place to improve international solidarity and foster greater respect for producing communities in the South. This annual celebration, established by the French Fair Trade...
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