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13 June 2018
Équiterre has published a brand-new report entitled: “Oil Pipeline Safety Failures in Canada: incidents, accidents and spills and the ongoing failure to protect the public”.
12 June 2018
Despite the rain, hundreds of people came out to show their support for our 100% eco-friendly race in Montreal a few weeks ago. The $55,000 that the participants helped raise has brought us to nearly 50% of our objective for this event which, for the first time since it was created three years ago...
12 June 2018
Pioneers of the organic basket program, established nearly twenty-five years ago, Équiterre’s family farmers are a shining example for new farmers. For the past three years, about twenty new organic farms have joined the network every year. Most of these farms are run by young farmers, who...
31 May 2018
Like you, we were shocked and scandalized by the Trudeau government’s decision to purchase Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. The billions of taxpayer dollars to be invested in this project do not in any way address the national interest. Quite the contrary, this decision will...
24 May 2018
Équiterre has taken on a new area of focus, unveiling Canada’s first-ever study on obsolescence and consumer tendencies to prematurely replace household appliances and electronic devices (HAEs).
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