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11 December 2017
On December 11, day of the One Planet Summit in Paris, two years after COP21, Équiterre and 37 other signatories sent a letter to press upon the Government of Canada the importance of fulfilling its commitments to the G7 and G20 to reform and phase out fossil fuel subsidies in Canada over the...
30 November 2017
Our bright little elves have some great suggestions for going green this holiday season. Équiterre and the Centre for Sustainable Development created a short video for you and wish you a wonderful holiday season. The video is only in French for the moment, but the English version will be posted on...
30 November 2017
Oil and gas drilling 150 m from our homes, 275 m from daycares, schools or hospitals, 40 m from the St. Lawrence Seaway or 60 m from national parks? No way! Consultations on the Government of Quebec’s insane draft regulations that would allow this to happen end on December 9.  
29 November 2017
Imagine a law that ensures products last for years and don’t wear out too soon. A world where products can be easily repaired. A society free of obsolescence—or almost. Like to join us in drafting provisions for this law? READY? LET’S GO! If we want to curb obsolescence, the law...
28 November 2017
Blog Post by Karen Ross, Ph.D. Project Manager - Pesticides and Toxic Substances
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