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12 December 2016
On Friday December 9th, Canada’s premiers and the prime minister concluded an historical agreement on climate change. The governments jointly released the first pan-canadian framework on clean growth and climate change. Only Saskatchewan and Manitoba didn't sign this historical...
9 December 2016
Future innovations and achievements are now threatened by the outdated laws of the charitable sector!
7 December 2016
A strong majority of Canadians support specific government actions to cut global warming pollution by boosting energy-efficient vehicles and products, and developing more clean energy, according to a new national survey conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal. The representative poll...
5 December 2016
The first ministers’ meeting should signal the start of this race to the top, a clean and honest race, with the provinces paving the way for innovative climate policies and the federal government bringing stragglers into the race by using its jurisdictional and spending powers to deploy those...
1 December 2016
Following a Cabinet meeting on November 29th, the Government of Canada made two deplorable decisions regarding proposed pipeline projects in Canada, seriously undermining Canada's ability to reach its Paris Agreement commitment. Prime Minister Trudeau announced the approval of the Kinder Morgan...
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