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16 April 2018
Embrace the spring by running for a good cause! Whether you enjoy running, care about the environment, want to take part in a springtime activity that brings people together or would like to organize a team-building activity with your coworkers—the Change the World Run is not to be missed!
13 April 2018
To all those who thought that environmentalists calling for structuring transportation networks in Quebec were big dreamers, recent news and developments show that it’s important to dream big! Major transportation projects launched in Quebec cities Here are the projects and recent...
13 April 2018
In this post, we’d like to share Anne’s story, which brilliantly highlights an effective way to fight obsolescence—repairing! A few weeks ago, my faithful work companion—my laptop, not my cat—suddenly stopped and the screen went black while I was right in the middle of...
29 March 2018
We’re still recharging our batteries after the harsh winter, so this month Équiterre is encouraging you to do one simple thing: use your citizen power and take part in the democratic life of Équiterre! Strengthen your commitment to the environment in this election year by giving greater...
Actu - Geste devenez membre AGA
29 March 2018
When I was a child, doctors used to smoke in hospitals—in front of patients! And my friends used to smoke in lectures at university! Tobacco companies have known for a long time that cigarettes are bad for our health, but they funded studies saying the opposite and discredited independent...
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