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Ecological horticulture

Projet - HOE

Since 2006, we have continued the work of the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP), which was influential in the 2003 adoption in Quebec of the Pesticides Management Code, a regulation that restricts the use and sale of chemical pesticides for cosmetic purposes – the first regulation of its kind in North America!

Equiterre's ecological horticulture project offers:

  • practical advice for gardeners on alternatives to pesticides and other chemicals with adverse effects on human health and the environment
  • a list of Horti-Eco certified organic lawn care and landscape contractors
  • education, research and advocacy on sustainable gardening
  • Horti-Eco organic certification for lawn care and landscape contractors

We encourage gardeners to adopt healthier practices that promote biodiversity, e.g.:

  • use compost
  • aerate the soil
  • choose native plants that are well suited to the environment
  • use natural fertilizers or low-impact pesticides as a last resort only  
Help individuals, contractors and organizations adopt environmentally friendly gardening practices.