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Many organizations support our family farmers. They host drop-off points on commercial property: in parking lots, at train stations, in stores and in office buildings. They offer rebates for farmers, make in kind-donations to the network or offer support through their expertise. Équiterre warmly thanks all of its partners.

We would like to recognize the commitment of the grocery chain Metro who provides our family farmers with spaces in their parking for the delivery of organic baskets since 2012. This partnership allows Metro’s clients to benefit from a greater flexibility and encourages the supply of local, organic and zero waste food based on solidarity.


One of our partners since 2013, Exo, is providing the Family Farmers Network with a space in its train stations for our farmers to deliver organic baskets, thus fitting easily in the routine of thousands of people. With its efficient transportation system Exo is reducing detours for the consumers and is allowing our family farmers to meet you on a daily basis.
Our family farmers are delivering organic baskets at the following train stations: Deux-Montagnes, Saint-Basile, Saint-Hilaire, Saint-Bruno and Saint-Lambert. 

One of our partners since 2016, the NPO Renaissance is allowing us to expand the supply of organic baskets by providing us with a space in their parking for our family farmers, but also indoor space to host delivery points for our winter organic baskets.


In 2017, it is now the turn of the Société des Alcools du Québec to become one of our partners, by encouraging our family farmers to use some of their parking spaces to develop new delivery points, mainly in rural areas.



A partner since 2017, NousRire, an organic and eco-friendly bulk purchasing group, offers organic basket subscribers a 15% discount on their order of less than $200 during their first year of membership. Present in more than 17 cities across Quebec, NousRire was born of a passion for environmentally and socially responsible food. The group's mission is to make high quality non perishable organic food more accessible, while sharing the economies of scale provided by bulk purchasing. NousRire considers itself to be a solution to protect our environment by reducing food packaging at the source.

Companies supporting the "Privilege" card, allowing farmers to obtain for selected agricultural products and services.

Dubois Agrinovation
AEF Global Inc.
William Dam Seeds
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Jardins de l'Écoumène
Industries Harnois
Lareau, Courtiers d'assurances
Les Serres Guy Tessier Inc.
Coop Uniforce
Plant-Prod Québec
Teris Service d'approvisionnement
Ferme Eugenia
Anatis Bioprotection
Dubois Agrinovation
Équipements motorisés St-Nicolas
Janny MTCA
Les équipements Thivierge
Les serres Guy Tessier
Multi Shelter Solutions

Many other partners who help us enhance our network


  • Many partner companies

Companies offering their employees fresh, organic and local vegetables at the workplace. Join the "A Farmer in the Office" program!

  • Hundreds of participating businesses and organizations

Hundreds of businesses and organizations offer their space as delivery points for organic baskets and thus facilitate the meeting of Équiterre family farmers and the population.

Such as grocery stores, cafés, NGOs, restaurants, community centres, etc.

Check the delivery points in your area!

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