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Schools Take Root fundraising campaign


Équiterre encourages schools, daycares childcare services and community organizations across Quebec to take part in an innovative fundraising campaign that offers a unique opportunity to teach kids and their families about the benefits of eating healthy, local and organic food: seilling baskets of organic vegetables produced by our very own family farmers!

Each basket costs $30 ($6 goes to your establishment). Baskets are delivered to your establishment on the date you determine with the farmer.

We encourage you to check out the information on how to implement this campaign in your establishment (Step-by-Step Guide and Quick Guide). Feel free to use our video clip and fact sheet to present the project to your establishment’s principal or governing board!




To participate in the 2019 Schools Take Root fundraising campaign this fall, you must register your establishment before the end of the school year (June 30, 2019).
One of our family farmers will prepare your establishment's delicious, pesticide-free vegetables this summer!


  1. Raise awareness among children about the benefits of healthy, local and sustainable food, as advocated in the new Canada's Food Guide.
  2. Raise funds for your establishment ($6 from each basket sold)
  3. Enjoy delicious vegetables that are free of synthetic pesticides and GMOs
  4. Reduce the distance travelled by the vegetables and the amount of packaging required (zero waste)
  5. Support the local economy and our local farmers


  1. Read the Step-by-Step Guide and the Quick Guide
  2. Get the support of your establishment’s administrators and identify a contact person to coordinate the campaign in your establishment
  3. Sign your school up for the Schools Take Root fundraising campaign before the end of the school year (June 2019)
  4. Promote the fundraising campaign to the children and parents at your establishment (via posters and the distribution of order forms) at the start of the 2019 school year (September)
  5. Collect the completed order forms and send the number of baskets sold to Équiterre (September or October)
  6. Coordinate basket delivery to your establishment on the agreed upon date (usually in October or November)
  7. Help us evaluate the project via an online satisfaction survey, sent to parents and the campaign manager (November or December)


To find out more about the Schools Take Root fundraising campaigns carried out by schools, daycares and organizations in past years:


Visit our FAQ or contact us directly.
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