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Local food

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On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, Équiterre, Aliments du Québec and the Tables de concertation bioalimentaires from different regions of Quebec will be celebrating local food in all Quebec establishments! Whether you are a daycare, school, CEGEP, university, health facility or workplace, please save the date and register your establishment now!
Actualité - 18 June 2019 - Tag : Local food, Local food procurement
The nine Quebec schools awarded Farm to School grants have set up their salad bars and are nearly ready to get things rolling! To learn more about the salad bars in these primary and secondary schools, read on. Salad bars: a closer look The purpose of these salad bars is to increase the presence of healthful local food on the schools’ cafeteria menu – the end goal...
Actualité - 17 April 2019 - Tag : Food, Local food
The 4th edition of Équiterre’s Schools Take Root project is officially being kicked off today, inviting schools (primary and secondary), daycares and community organizations from across Quebec to get involved in the sustainable food movement by providing their youth with a fundraising campaign that puts local organic vegetables on a pedestal.
Actualité - 20 March 2019 - Tag : Local food, schools take root, Schools Take Root
Opting for local food, grown or prepared in Quebec, means a shorter distance to your plate and therefore fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less need for preservatives. We can easily make these choices for the food we bring into our households, but what about the food that is served at school, at the daycare, at the hospital, at the office?
Actualité - 14 February 2019 - Tag : Buying local, Local food, Local food procurement, Local food procurement
Local organic food makes its debut at CHU Sainte-Justine Eating healthy food and supporting Quebec’s family farmers
Salads, soups, bakes, gratins, chips, tarts, purées, pies, pancakes and strattas—What fun we had fun celebrating the 20th anniversary of Équiterre’s family farmer organic basket program!
Actualité - 14 February 2017 - Tag : Family farmers network, Local food
Make a simple, positive New Year’s resolution that will delight your taste buds: sign up for an organic basket. You’ll get to enjoy pesticide-free food while supporting local farmers and the local economy.
Actualité - 11 January 2017 - Tag : Family farmers network, Local food, Sustainable agriculture
Two Montreal schools have chosen to innovate this year by launching a new type of fundraising activity for their projects. Thanks to the project Schools Take Root: For Healthy, Local and Sustainable Food, these schools are giving youngsters and their parents a chance to discover the surprising and delicious root vegetables of Quebec. Featuring healthy, organic produce grown...