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The issue of pesticides has received unprecedented media coverage in Quebec these past few months, which has led to the creation of a parliamentary committee (CAPERN) to look into the issue this fall. The committee, made up of members of the National Assembly, will be tasked with examining the impacts of pesticides on public health and the environment, exploring innovative...
Actualité - 3 octobre 2019 - Tag : organisme, Pesticides
Le présent rapport se penche sur le bilan de sécurité du transport pétrolier par oléoducs au Canada, de même que sur l’efficacité des mesures d’application des lois et des règlements qu’utilisent les paliers fédéral et provincial pour assurer la sécurité pipelinière.
Publication - 17 juillet 2018 - Tag : organisme, Pipelines
With 140,000 supporters, 20,000 members, 200 volunteers, and 40 employees, Équiterre is Quebec’s largest and most influential environmental organization. The team’s enthusiasm and commitment make Équiterre an inspiring, engaging place to work, promoting independence, creativity, and a high level of professionalism. With offices in Montréal, Québec City, and Ottawa...
Emploi Stage Bénévolat Appel - 3 novembre 2016 - Tag : Job, organisme, Job Offer
Our Benefit Cocktail, the not-to-be-missed annual networking event, is fast approaching! Come and immerse yourself in an evening focused on renewable energies and have the chance to talk to business and sustainable development leaders. Book now for a place at our fifth Quebec City Benefit Cocktail, which will be held at the Quebec National Assembly in September.
Actualité - 10 août 2016 - Tag : Cocktail-bénéfice, organisme
It’s impossible to meet Canada’s Paris climate commitment using ‘business as usual’ evaluation
* Parti conservateur du Canada * Nouveau Parti démocratique * Parti libéral du Canada * Parti vert du Canada * Bloc Québécois * Forces et Démocratie
Sondage - 11 août 2015 - Tag : elections, organisme, Sondage
Since late April, communications intern Marie-Ève Lépinay has been helping out at Équiterre, and she’s really making a difference. A student in the third year of the Bachelor of Communications program at the Université de Montréal, she is very interested in the local and organic food movements, which is what prompted her to apply for the internship in the first place....
Actualité - 14 juillet 2015 - Tag : Getting involved, Give time, organisme, Volunteer
* Sign a petition against tar sands development * Become a volunteer or donate to a non-profit organization * Buy organic fair-trade products * Buy organic vegetables from a local farmer * Use less * Use public or active transportation
Sondage - 14 mai 2015 - Tag : Getting involved, organisme, Sondage
* Signer une pétition contre les sables bitumineux * Devenir bénévole pour une organisation à but non lucratif * Acheter des produits bio équitables * S'approvisionner en légumes bio et locaux auprès d'un fermier d'ici * Moins consommer * Utiliser le transport en commun ou actif
Sondage - 12 mai 2015 - Tag : gestes, organisme, Sondage