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Action of the Month—Fight for the Climate

Act on Climat March

Each month, Équiterre suggests a simple, green action you can take to improve the health of the planet. This month, we encourage you to march with us for the climate. Will you join us?

Thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of Quebec City on Saturday, April 11, for the Act on Climate March, a large, vibrant family-friendly gathering, to send a clear message to our governments:
◦ YES to climate protection
◦ NO to the TransCanada pipeline project and oil from tar sands
◦ YES to renewable energies!

Around 50 buses from all over Quebec, along with more from Ontario and New Brunswick, will be heading to Quebec City for this unique historic event. Just don’t wait until the last minute to arrange your transportation. For an inexpensive seat, be sure to book by April 9. Prefer to carpool? Offer or book a ride on the March’s carpool page.

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, but politicians are not taking urgent action, despite a scientific consensus on the gravity of the situation. Yet 80% of Quebecers want Quebec to play a leading role in greenhouse gas reduction. Something’s not right here!

Premier Philippe Couillard has called a special meeting of the Council of the Federation in Quebec City on April 14 to discuss climate change with his colleagues from the other Canadian provinces. We’re taking this opportunity to make ourselves heard.

Our leaders should be making ambitious decisions that will benefit both the economy and the environment to ensure a sustainable future for everyone. In Canada, there are now more jobs in renewable energy than in oil. It’s time to take a stand! We can’t fight for climate protection while supporting oil sands expansion! The solutions are there. We just need to add determination.

The year 2015 will be pivotal for the climate and various important events have already been planned: the Act on Climate March in Quebec City on April 11, the Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto in July and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December, the largest UN climate conference since 2009. Canada, which has sadly been negligent when it comes to fighting climate change, must change course before this important meeting and contribute to the progress of negotiations.

This year, April 11 is a date not to miss!

Thousands of people are already committed to marching in Quebec City for the climate—and that’s just the beginning. Come dressed in red so we can form a giant thermometer to emphasize the urgent need to address climate change!

And that’s not all! The day will conclude with the Climate Show, an evening benefit at the Capitole Theatre featuring various artists and celebrity advocates. Tickets available here.

Click here for more information on the Act on Climate March.