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Energy East

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Ottawa, ON – More than 50 groups from across Canada have sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Natural Resources Minister Carr urging the federal government to overhaul the National Energy Board (NEB) before, not after, it decides how to proceed with the two proposed oil pipelines. The groups include 26 participants in the Energy East pipeline process, as well as...
Communiqué - 8 September 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Energy East, National Energy Board (NEB), TransCanada
Montreal, September 1, 2016 - Équiterre reacted to the statement made by the Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, concerning the alleged lack of transparency and impartiality of the National Energy Board regarding the case of the Energy East hearings. "We are pleased that, like us, the federal government is concerned with the appearance of conflict of interest and...
Communiqué - 1 September 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Energy East, National Energy Board (NEB)
Canadian Groups Call on Federal Government to Reject Pipelines, As New U.S.-Led Campaign Calls for National Tar Sands Dilbit Tanker Ban
Communiqué - 26 July 2016 - Tag : Energy East, Organization
Montreal, June 16th 2016 - Équiterre denounced today the begining of the hearings of the National Energy Board (NEB) on TransCanada's Energy East pipeline project while more than 800 questions are still unanswered, including how the pipeline will cross the St-Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. Furthermore, the NEB still hasn't heard back from the company regarding its own request on...
Communiqué - 16 June 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Energy East, TransCanada
Prime Minister Being Aggressively Lobbied By Oil Interests   May 3, 2016, Toronto – Environmental groups across Canada say Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise of a fair and credible pipeline review process is being undermined by his party’s pro-pipeline public statements rather than waiting to be informed by the pipeline review process. Groups and concerned...
Communiqué - 3 May 2016 - Tag : Climate change, Energy East, Public interventions
A few days after the announcement of another oil spill from TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline in the U.S., a new report shows that the Energy East pipeline project would threaten major sources of drinking water across Canada—the majority of them in Quebec—not identified in TransCanada’s application to the National Energy Board.
April 6, 2016 (Montréal) – Just two days after TransCanada’s Keystone system spilled yet again, a detailed analysis of the company’s proposed Energy East pipeline route shows that across Canada the Energy East project could lead to the contamination of crucial sources of drinking water not identified in TransCanada’s application.
Communiqué - 6 April 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Energy East
Have your say about TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline! If it is built, over 700 km of this line would run through Quebec and pose a threat to drinking water sources. Your participation in the BAPE’s [Bureau d’audience publique sur l’environnement] public hearing process on this project could change everything. Équiterre has some simple suggestions for...
Actualité - 31 March 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Energy East, Pipelines, TransCanada
This morning, the Quebec Environmental Law Centre, Équiterre, the Coule pas chez nous foundation and Nature Québec filed a motion with the Superior Court in Montréal for a declaratory judgment against TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. and Energy East Pipeline Ltd. in order to subject the Energy East pipeline project to the procedure required under the Quebec law.
Actualité - 18 February 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Energy East, Fight against climate change, TransCanada
When things go wrong, a simple friend may be empathic towards you. He or she may emphasize that you are out of luck and that life is hard. But your closest friend won’t beat it around the bush and will give you the hard facts: “You made a mistake, my friend. Now get up, stop complaining and correct your mistake! Show us what you can do.” A real friend will...
Actualité - 15 February 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Energy East, Fight against climate change, TransCanada