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This July, Équiterre suggests a nice, simple summer activity: add nectar-producing plants to your garden or balcony to attract pollinating insects—including precious bees!
Actualité - 29 June 2016 - Tag : Gardening, Green gardening tips
Vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet, but can be expensive. For this year’s Nutrition Month, Équiterre is sharing ways to take control of what you eat and stop being at the mercy of fluctuating prices. Did you know that taking a few minutes a week to grow food at home could result in substantial savings? Don't wait any longer to discover how to create your indoor...
Actualité - 1 March 2016 - Tag : Gardening, Local food
The Réseau de l’agriculture urbaine à Québec invites you to a celebration of seeds and urban agriculture.* This event will teach members of the public about city gardening techniques.   On the program:*
Événement - 13 February 2012 - Tag : Gardening, Miscellaneous, Urban planning