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The festive season is about sharing and helping each other. So why not step outside your usual circle this year, reach out to others and give your time to people in need?     Here’s how you can do it: Distribution of hot drinks and treats to homeless people
The season is still going for some of our farmers, who store part of the summer and autumn harvests for winter baskets. More subscriptions are available this year, thanks to Bio Locaux, a new collective project run by the family farmers’ network. Our farmers are offering over 3,000 subscriptions this winter.
On the evening of July 4, Au Potager du paysan, a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm in St-Rémi on the South Shore of Montreal, suffered extensive damage as the result of a mini tornado. Fifty to sixty percent of its crops were destroyed. But farmers Jean-Philippe and Marielle have found a way to save the season, with a lot of a hard work and one magic ingredient: a...
The Centre d’entrepreneuriat en économie sociale du Québec offers training and support for people who want to launch a social enterprise (a nonprofit or a co-op).   Accredited training on: writing a business plan finding funding For more information, attend a free information session at the Centre d'entrepreneuriat en économie sociale du Québec. To...