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Family farmers recover quickly from mini tornado

Actu - Ferme se remet rapidement sur pieds après mini-tornade

On the evening of July 4, Au Potager du paysan, a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm in St-Rémi on the South Shore of Montreal, suffered extensive damage as the result of a mini tornado. Fifty to sixty percent of its crops were destroyed. But farmers Jean-Philippe and Marielle have found a way to save the season, with a lot of a hard work and one magic ingredient: a little help from their friends.

Right away, they started new seedlings, which grow fast at this time of year. Within a few weeks, these new plants will be used to replace the ones that were destroyed.

In the meantime – thanks to an appeal launched to other farms in the region – they can buy produce at a very good price to replace the missing vegetables in their baskets. 

Every single one of our CSA farmers in the area responded to this appeal for help, reminding us that solidarity between farmers is one of the basic tenets of community supported agriculture. Thank you to our family farmers and to you, the people who help make small scale, organic farming a reality in Quebec.

Pictured: The young couple, Jean-Philippe and Marielle, of the farm Au Potager du paysan, are grateful for the help that they have received from other CSA farmers in the region.