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If we were mayor of your city, we'd...

Before Quebec goes to the polls for municipal elections on November 3, check out these recommendations for the mayoral candidates.

If you prefer, you can look at the recommendations in the Flickr album we made with a little help from your fellow citizens on PARK(ing) Day. (In French only)

For transportation

  • More reserved lanes and express lanes for buses.
  • New high-capacity transit solutions, e.g., tramways, bus transitways.
  • Create a new sustainable transportation fund to be financed in part by a progressive increase in taxes on gas and parking, as well as tolls, user charges by kilometre driven, etc.
  • Develop high-density housing around public transit with access to a good mix of services.
  • More bike paths for commuter traffic and bikeable highways.
  • More traffic-calming measures to reduce speeds in residential areas and encourage active transportation. 
  • Pressure the provincial government to change the rules of the road in favour of pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • More parking for car-share cars and self-service car rentals. 
  • More carpool lanes.

For food...

  • Better access to organic, local and fair trade food.
  • More local and organic food in public institutions.
  • Promote local and organic foods at public events. 
  • Facilitate urban agriculture by following the recommendations of a recent report on the topic by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal. 

For pesticides

  • Ban the use of synthetic pesticides for agricultural and cosmetic purposes. 

For energy

  • Adopt a resolution blocking passage to tar sands crude for all municipalities along Enbridge's Line 9 pipeline or the proposed route for TransCanada's recently announced Energy East project. 

For air quality

  • Major urban centres should follow Montreal's example and require owners to remove or replace any stove or fireplaces fuelled by wood logs by December 31, 2020.