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Make Montréal a fair-trade city!

Actu - Montréal Ville Équitable

Citizens are joining forces to make Montréal a fair-trade city! Montréal Ville Équitable is an action group working to promote the availability of fair-trade products while educating Montrealers about fair trade.

Their goal is to bring together the community—municipal officials, students, local businesses and the general public—to help Montréal obtain and maintain Fair Trade Town status as determined by Fairtrade Canada and in partnership with the Association Québécoise du commerce equitable and the Canadian Fair Trade Network.

Find out what being a fair-trade city means and help improve living conditions for millions of producers and families supported by fair trade!

How you can help:

Thanks for helping make Montréal a fair-trade city!

This Is Good News!

As a member citizen of the town I really appreciate this program, it could bring much opportunity and priority for the citizen within the area. Jean-Guy Brault Déménagement