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National Energy Board okays Enbridge's Line 9 project

Actu -  Ligne 9 d'Enbridge, décision de l'ONÉ

On March 6, the National Energy Board (NEB) approved Enbridge's plan to reverse the flow and increase the capacity in its Line 9B pipeline.

In so doing, it has opened the door to heavy crude from the tar sands flowing through Quebec.

Even worse, it has done so without imposing any real conditions.

We've joined forces with AQLPA, ENvironnement JEUnesse and Alternatives to denounce this decision, which:

  • endorses expansion in the tar sands (talk about a step backwards in the fight against climate change!)
  • poses a risk to the environment and human health in the 99 municipalities and 18 First Nations communities along the pipeline

This project also poses a risk to:

  • drinking water supplies
  • some of our best farmland


  • this pipeline is 40 years old, and has been identified by an international safety expert as presenting a high risk of rupture
  • Enbridge has many spills to its name, including the Kalamazoo spill in Michigan in 2000, which cost billions in damages, and has yet to be entirely cleaned up.


Photo: Le Devoir