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Quebec parliamentary committee approves Line 9B Reversal

Environmental groups were disappointed last week when a Quebec parliamentary committee came out in favour of Enbridge's controversial Line 9B reversal project, which could bring tar sands crude through Quebec. Fortunately, the committee did stipulate 18 conditions:

  • The creation of an oversight committee composed of federal, provincial and Enbridge representatives. 
  • That Enbridge provide Quebec's environment department with its inspection data so that an independent expert can evaluate the integrity of Line 9B, as well as Enbridge's inspection and maintenance practices. 
  • Make sure that Enbridge provide a sufficient financial guarantee to pay for any damage in the event of a disaster, including after the pipeline is no longer in operation.
  • That Enbridge develop an emergency plan for drinking water.
  • That Enbridge conduct hydrostatic studies on the integrity of the pipeline (run water through the pipeline at high pressure to test for flaws that could lead to a rupture)

Equiterre and many other groups – citizens groups, student groups, First Nations groups, etc. – have already expressed disappointment at the evaluation format chosen by Quebec. The project should have been evaluated at greater length, and via an independent environmental assessment.

If the project does go through, we hope at the very least that the government of Quebec will defend the committee's recommendations to the National Energy Board. 

Read the committee's full report (in French only)

Pipeline 9 Reversal Negligence in all aspects, aClimate Crime

It is shockingly disappointing to hear Quebec is pushing forward Trans Canada Line 9 Montreal East Coast pipe line. This project has nana potential to destroy our lives. There is a very high price to pay by the people and a very big profit to industry. Clearly, this decision to go forward would be totally catastrophic. Do we as citizens intend to sit silently by and allow the government to forfeit all we have, to be vulnerable to foreign owned Enbridge Oil Billionaires and their Lobbyists? No. Quebec is playing politics with our water and our lives. Look at the 804 deadly toxic oil spills we have heard so little about since 2010. Pipeline safety has a disastrous record. Alberta is the dirtiest oil in the world! The Alberta Oil Sand, is the worlds worse environmental disaster! Look at the horror of lives cause by the Alberta Oil in 161 475 barrels spilled Arkansas. This devastation is predicted to occur here in Montreal. This scientists state if the line 9 goes through, a massive spill is 95% certain. With these reports of irresponsible safety records, we see industry try softening with lies of strong environmental stewardship. Our governments, see selling asbestos to third world countries as fine. Now in terms of global consumption we wish to sell millions of barrels a day, shipping the dirtiest CO2 crude to China! Clearly, Canada is shamed with morals lost, ethics denied! In the financial analysis, Trans Canada's commissioned Deloite 2012 report shows profits in billions for the industry which most do not know, yes, this oil industry is not ours folks, Big Alberta Oil is 70% foreign owned. Given the analysis of the real economic benefits, as Obama exposed, with US jobs!! Actually in Quebec, we will stand to have about 300 full time jobs after the three year construction phase. Big Oil Enbridge will be the only shareholders to profit. Our lives and water are not for sale! Given the colossal catastrophic oil spill that will result we must stop this project. Scientists, Polaris as well as Energy Board, Keprewicz, conclude our old aged worn cement like gas pipes will crack as these 70's pipes not able to stand the interior erosion of heavy Dirtiest bitumen crude. Can we imagine our beautiful Gaspe coast, the oil along the St. Lawrence, whales and fish, wetlands destroyed.. and people, in Montreal a spill would mean millions with no safe water,,Imagine our rivers and lakes with shores lined with toxic heavy oil? Imagine this heavy weighted oil l sinking to the bottom of Quebec oceans and lakes! What will it take to save our our lakes from foreign owned oil investors? We will pay a very heavy price for their billion dollar share holders profits. Who loses ? We the people lose all that is dear to us. Who profits? We know the industry share holders will be the only ones to profit. This oil will contribute to the catalytic climate change which is hitting our cities and east coast. We should be very, very weary about what will happen with the line 9! Our lives, our children's lives, the water we need to survive, our quality of life, our health and safety, all we have we will lose if Enbridge gets control with its powerful oil lobbyists. We will be the real losers. Imagine no water, toxic smelly oil, contamination that will not be reversible. Stand strong and let us unite for what really matters, our lives and the lives of our children, for all living things. Let's make our voice heard..Stand strong! Say " No to Pipeline Reversal Number 9!"

Sorry for the late reply!

It is disturbing to see Quebec come out in favour of a project that could bring tar sands crude through our ageing pipelines. Do we really want to contribute to unfettered expansion in the tar sands? No! I will say that it is heartening to see someone who cares as much as you do. It shows that there is hope. Lots of it. Thanks for your comment!