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16 November 2017
by Steven Guilbeault, Senior Director, Équiterre Coal is rarely mentioned in Quebec, owing to its miniscule place in our energy portfolio (only 1.27% of energy consumption). The situation is quite different elsewhere in the country and in the world. Coal represents nearly 60% of electricity...
15 November 2017
THE MOOD HERE IN BONN The mood here is constantly shifting. One moment there is mounting concern about the impacts of climate change, while the next there is hope born of the collective weight of 190 countries around the same table, all trying to hammer out agreements on dozens of issues that will...
14 November 2017
Imagine, if you will: right in the midst of the NAFTA negotiations, Canada and Mexico decide to bypass the White House and work directly with 15 American states to forge ahead in the fight against climate change. Well, that’s precisely what officials in several of these states, including...
14 November 2017
Learning can be fun. Yes, it’s a well-worn cliché, but so true. Would you believe that learning about responsible investment can be fun? Well, La Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins has done a brilliant job in creating Le Responsable and partnering with Équiterre’s Educational...
13 November 2017
The most recent Laure Waridel Bursary was awarded in the spring of 2017 to Marianne Falardeau-Côté, a McGill PhD student in Renewable Resources. She is studying the Arctic marine ecosystem and ecosystem services in the Canadian Arctic in the climate change context. The bursary allows her to carry...
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