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30 April 2019
The 11th Laure Waridel Bursary winner was announced at Équiterre’s annual members’ meeting. Caroline Dufour-L’Arrivée, a master’s student in agroforestry at Université Laval, will be awarded a $10,000 bursary by Équiterre in partnership with the Caisse d’économie...
30 April 2019
The weather is starting to warm up at last and sunny days are on their way. With the arrival of spring, many people are itching time to give their homes a good cleaning. Have you ever thought about replacing your chemical cleaning products with eco-friendly ones? They’re just as effective!...
30 April 2019
1,200 people have registered for the Change the World Run this Saturday. We’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm for the fourth edition of our eco-friendly zero waste run - thank you! For those of you who have not yet registered but would like to participate, why not experience our eco-...
17 April 2019
The nine Quebec schools awarded Farm to School grants have set up their salad bars and are nearly ready to get things rolling! To learn more about the salad bars in these primary and secondary schools, read on. Salad bars: a closer look The purpose of these salad bars is to increase the presence of...
15 April 2019
Équiterre’s Change the World Run is fast approaching! With already nearly 800 participants who will be joining us on May 4, we’re at 50% of our fundraising objective. Register for the race or make a donation to help us reach our $85,000 objective (which will fund Équiterre’s...
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