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I get neighbourhood!

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Do you know what makes your neighbourhood so special? Here's your chance to get to know your favourite place even better, and to make some improvements along the way.

The I get around... campaign promotes local shopping and active transportation, as well as public transit. For safe, vibrant, happy communities!

What you can do 

The choices that you make have an effect on the world around you. Concerned about the traffic on your residential streets? Consider driving less. Worried about small businesses losing out to big companies? Make a point of supporting local stores, restaurants and services. Give your everyday routine new meaning! And remember: you're not just going to the grocery store, you're revitalizing your community.

  • Walk or bike for short trips. In ten minutes, you can go as far as 1 km on foot!
  • Walk or bike children to school: the whole family will stay in shape.
  • The next time you run errands, leave the car at home. Support businesses that are within walking distance.
  • Buy a backpack, some reusable shopping bags or a shopping caddy. Put a basket on your bike. For larger purchases, use delivery, taxi or car sharing (e.g., Communauto).
  • To get to work, try the transportation cocktail: combine walking, biking, carpooling or public transit. Most people can bike 8 km in about 30 minutes.
  • If you are moving, look for a neighbourhood with lots of stores and services, that is well served by public transit.

For more ideas, consult our online guide or our list of resources (French only).

Help your community to take action!

Be an agent of change: encourage local businesses and officials to co-launch a campaign in support of local shopping, active transportation and public transit. 

For more information, please contact our transportation team. Call (514) 522-2000, ext. 239 (toll free 1-877-272-6656) or email.