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Yesterday the delegation representing you – our members and supporters – at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil hosted a panel discussion. The topic? The role of environmental and social certifications in a green economy (fair trade, organic, etc.). Close to a hundred people from various countries attended the discussion, which...
Actualité - 18 June 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Green economy, Labels, Public talks, Sidney Ribaux
Welcome! The organic banana that brought you here was locally grown in Magé, Brazil. "Organic," "local" and "fair trade" are examples of the kinds of labels and certifications discussed in the Certified Green panel that you just attended. They are also major preoccupations of our organization, Quebec, Canada-based environmental group, Equiterre.
Divers - 12 June 2012 - Tag : Fair trade, Labels, Public talks, Rio+20, Sharing expertise