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Climate change

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Montreal, April 7, 2011 – Equiterre hails the Green Party platform, which in addition to containing many interesting environmental measures, includes a major tax reform that would generate 35 billion dollars a year in revenue without increasing the tax burden for Canadians.
Communiqué - 7 April 2011 - Tag : Advocacy, Climate change
(Montreal, April 3, 2011) Equiterre is encouraged by the environmental and energy related aspects of the Liberal Party of Canada’s platform. The platform contains progressive policy proposals to improve Canada’s future in the clean energy economy as well as the environment.
Communiqué - 3 April 2011 - Tag : Advocacy, Climate change
At a January 26 hearing of Quebec's environmental commission BAPE, we came out in favour of the Massif-du-Sud Wind Farm project. We see it as a viable source of renewable energy, with the potential to decrease Quebec's dependency on fossil fuels and help fight climate change. Our decision was affected by improvements to the original design, e.g., to lessen impact on songbird...
Steven Guilbeault, cofounder and deputy executive director of Equiterre, has once again been re-elected co-chair of Climate Action Network International (CAN-International). Recognized by the United Nations, CAN-International represents more than 500 non-governmental organizations, ranging from large international groups such as Greenpeace and WWF to smaller groups with a...