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Within a few weeks, the National Energy Board will come out for or against the Line 9B Reversal. If the project is approved, tar sands crude could soon flow through Quebec.
Enbridge's former Trailbreaker project would have reversed the flow in existing pipelines to ship crude from the tar sands to Portland, Maine by way of Ontario and Quebec. Has this controversial project been revived? The National Energy Board (NEB) has already approved a reversal for an Ontario portion of the project, and is currently considering whether to extend the reversal...
Montreal, July 30, 2012 – Equiterre was disappointed by the decision issued late last Friday night, allowing Enbridge to reverse the flow of oil in the section of the Line 9 pipeline between Sarnia and Westover, Ontario. Equiterre, along with other Canadian and American environmental groups, participated in the National Energy Board (NEB) hearings on this project.
Toronto, May 17 2012 – Pipeline company Enbridge Inc.’s plan, announced Wednesday evening, could put people living in Ontario and Quebec at greater risk of oil spills and hazardous air pollution. The company wants to send tar sands oil – which is more dangerous to transport and more difficult to clean up than conventional oil - through both provinces as part...
Communiqué - 17 May 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Enbridge, Tar sands, Trailbreaker