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If you’ve been busy this summer spending time in the woods, fishing, biking or voluntarily reducing your screen time, you may have missed some important environmental news. Not a problem! In this article, Équiterre will will bring you up to speed with a list of the summer’s highlights and a preview of what to expect this fall. Welcome back, fellow environmentalists!
Actualité - 29 August 2019 - Tag : Environment, News, Organization
Équiterre's second online auction is off to a great start! Since May 15, the auction has raised over $10,000 to help fund various Équiterre projects. We're delighted! Why not treat yourself, while supporting our work on important projects like climate change, sustainable development, local organic food and fair trade? Auction items include:
For the first time in a Quebec provincial election, eight environmental groups have joined forces to release an environmental platform to:
Actualité - 15 August 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Environment, Provincial leadership campaign
Quebecers, would you like to see the environment included as one of the issues in the televised debates as part of this provincial leadership campaign? Here's how you can contact the broadcasters to ask them to add at least one environmental question to the debates.
Actualité - 9 August 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Environment, Provincial leadership campaign
IN 2018, ÉQUITERRE CELEBRATED 25 YEARS OF CHANGING THE WORLD' ONE STEP AT A TIME This year, in the image of Équiterre's cofounders, youth from the four corners of Québec have taken to the street for the future of the planet. The entire Équiterre team (53 employees, 220 volunteers and 23 interns) is proud to present you with our Annual Report 2018, a demonstration of all that...
Divers - 8 November 2010 - Tag : Clean transportation, Environment, Organization